February 14, 2020

"This place performs miracles! Staff provides exceptional follow ups , they track progress & triumphs, exceptional collaboration - they are solution providers! Accurate billing, accommodating to my insurance program, & effective sessions w/ an emphasis on effectiveness. Social groups, occupational therapy, speech therapy etc. & compassionate care to secure a child"s emotional, social & academic success. Current events suggest the importance of providing a nurturing & a supportive environment for kids. This is the place that delivers & then some. Kid friendly, mom friendly, hands down the best !"
January 31, 2020

"What would I do without Kids Therapy? My son received speech, occupational and physical therapy there for several years. Every therapist he worked with was wonderful and totally committed to him maximizing his potential. His progress totally exceeded our expectations, we could not be happier!"
September 11, 2019

"I love this place. When my son was sent here for speech therapy we didn't know he was autistic at the time. His speech therapist was able to teach us to communicate in sign language and he started having verbal cues. Eventually that lead to occupational therapy and feeding therapy. He has done well ever since and would recommend this place to anybody."
September 10, 2019

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February 13, 2018

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