How do most families pay for speech, occupational or physical therapy for their child?

A very high percentage of the families that we work with have at least some coverage for pediatric therapy through their health insurance plans. For those families that do not have coverage through their health insurance, we offer out-of-pocket rates and payment plans to help make pediatric therapy accessible.

Does Kids Therapy accept my health insurance?

Our philosophy at Kids Therapy is to make our practice accessible to as many children who need our services as possible. Accordingly, we are an in-network provider with most major insurance plans. We file claims directly with insurance companies and have an experienced billing department available to help deal with the issues sometime encountered with health insurance claims.

Do parents stay in the therapy room for therapy sessions?

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to be present in the therapy room, but it is not required. We let each parent work that out with their therapist on a case-by-case basis. Our interest is always in doing whatever is best for the child and for a productive therapy session.

If my child is not feeling well, should I still bring him or her to the clinic for a therapy session?

We have a defined health policy that is given to all of our parents that specifically gives guidelines for when a child should stay home.

Can Kids Therapy provide services through the State of Illinois Early Intervention System?

Yes, most of our therapists at Kids Therapy are enrolled as providers in the State of Illinois Early Intervention System.

Does Kids Therapy offer group therapy sessions?

We do offer year-around group therapy sessions at local gymnastics academies. We also offer group therapy sessions year-around at our clinic locations that center on social skills and feeding issues. Additionally, we typically expand our group therapy offerings during the summer months.

Do I need a prescription from my child’s doctor for him or her to receive speech, occupational or physical therapy?

Yes, state regulations require that a prescription be in place for a child to receive pediatric therapy. Additionally, insurance companies will very frequently ask for a copy of the prescription to process claims, so it is important to have a prescription in place prior to your child’s first date of service.